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The Growth Mindset

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Working with Sequoia


For those who are actively working toward financial understanding and independence, during the accumulation phase.

  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies
  • Spending/Budgeting-Strategic Money Management
  • Compensation/Executive Benefits/ESOP/ Stock Options Planning
  • Access to your personalized financial  planning client website
  • Education Planning
  • Student Loan payment plans
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Advanced Tax Planning Strategies
  • Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Insurance Planning (life/disability)

Work-Optional Lifestyle:

For those thinking about working less, retirement, or for those who are already retired. Includes all from Grow, and the following:

  • Retirement Income & Investment Withdrawal Strategies
  • Advanced Investment strategies for wealth preservation & Risk Management
  • Customized strategies for maximizing your Social Security Benefits
  • Tax strategies, such as Roth IRA conversions
  • Retirement Cash Flow Analysis
  • RMD Planning and Strategies
  • Long Term Care
  • Guidance for Charitable Giving
  • Coordination with CPAs, Attorneys and other professionals as needed


For entrepreneurs and business owners in need of a well-constructed financial plan to help reach their personal and professional goals. Includes a combination of Grow and work Optional Lifestyle as it applies and the following:

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Start-up, Acquisition, Succession or Exit Planning
  • Cash Management
  • Employee Benefits Planning
  • Business Use of Insurance Analysis
  • Intra-Family and other business transfer techniques

Life Events & Community Support:

  • Premarital Financial Planning and Counseling
  • Education Planning
  • Divorce Financial Planning
  • Providing for Loved ones/ Multi-Generational Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving-How to Effectively Donate Money
  • Aligning Your Financial Decision-Making with your Values
  • Getting Started-Financial Literacy and Education (for individuals, Families and organizations)
  • Non-Profit/Charity Financial Planning and Strategic Planning
  • Family Money Dynamics/Family Support Needs/Eldercare Planning


  • Individually Customized portfolios built specifically for your goals
  • Review/Recommendations and Guidance of Existing Investments
  • Values-based portfolios and strategies
  • Business, Real Estate and Non-Traditional Investments
  • Tax-Reduction strategies
  • Impact Investing-Using your money to make a difference
  • Investment Withdrawal strategies
  • Risk-Management

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