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Investment Management

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Grow Wealth and Financial Independence

One of the best ways to grow wealth is through investments, yet people often shy away from the process because they find it too confusing or risky. While there are always inherent risks, having a knowledgeable wealth advisor is essential for making sound investment decisions. People can grow wealth in all types of economic environments with the right financial instruments and professional guidance.

Investment Management

Sequoia uses a very careful and customized process to build our clients portfolios in a highly personalized way. Your specific needs and timing is something a wealth advisor discusses with you to create an investment portfolio that meets your personal objectives. We use a customized approach that considers your risk tolerance, tax considerations, needs and your earnings requirements.

Time horizons are unique to each person. How much do you require to live comfortably now? Do you want to retire early? What are your future plans? What else are you invested in and how does it all fit together? A wealth advisor develops a plan that meets your existing needs and future goals. These are areas of investment management we cover:

  • Values-based portfolios
  • Review and recommendations for existing investments
  • Business, real estate, and non-traditional investments
  • Retirement income and investment withdrawal strategies
  • Advanced investment strategies for wealth preservation
  • Risk management assessment
  • Tax optimization strategies (keep more of what you earn)

Sequoia Wealth Advisors works with you to get the financial results that make the difference in your life. You want to grow and preserve wealth and have financial confidence. We are ready to walk you through the journey as your financial partner. Contact us to talk about what you want out of investment planning.

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