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Our Investment Process

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Our Investment Process

The Sequoia Wealth Advisors’ Investment Philosophy — Your Money Connects with Your Life
Sequoia Wealth Advisors was created to provide financial advice and services that differ from the traditional model. Our experienced professionals take the time to fully understand your financial position, your goals, your vision and your values and concerns before we make any financial or investment recommendations.

What is risk as it pertains to investing?
Risk is a precondition to earning investment returns. The key is to ensure that risks are intended, understood, quantified and compensated.
We help you prioritize your financial objectives and define your risk tolerance, goals and time-horizon so we can focus on managing a minimum level of risk necessary to pursue your goals. We believe that many elements of risk can be eliminated or reduced through the smart decisions we make together.

The Four Principles of Our Financial Planning Process
At Sequoia Wealth Advisors, our approach to financial planning and investing is built on four fundamental areas that help our clients define their goals and how they will fund them.

1. Cover the essentials
The foundation of any financial plan needs to cover both predictable and recurring expenses, such as housing, food and taxes. We look at strategies that offer guaranteed or stable income in order to meet these basic needs.

2. Ensure lifestyle expenses
In addition to your basic living expenses, the optional expenses related to your lifestyle should be considered when developing your financial plan. Do you like to travel? Are you thinking about purchasing a new home? For these expenses, we often consider growth and income investments with the goal to help protect against rising interest rates and inflation. In some instances, we may partner those growth and income investments with investments that address risk. Since investing involves risk including loss of principal, it is important to clearly understand what you are investing in and why.

3. Plan for unexpected expenses
Unplanned expenses can have a devastating impact on your financial future. Many people, especially at or near retirement, lack the financial flexibility to make up for the consequences of an unexpected expense. To plan properly, we may look at long-term care, medical and personal liability insurance, or life insurance needs in the event of an untimely death. We may also look at options to reduce liability, such as Medicare and Medigap plans, property/casualty coverage and umbrella policies.

4. Tax Planning
Taxes can often be your biggest expense of the year. Often, there are ways to minimize this with proper planning and strategy. Reducing taxes now, as well as in the future requires careful planning. This applies to both circumstances today as well as future decisions. Careful tax planning can reduce or eliminate unnecessary tax payments and/or surprises.

5. Leave a legacy
We work to ensure that the wealth you accumulate adequately provides for the individuals or causes that are most important to you. Designing the right estate or legacy plan is essential to controlling assets beyond retirement. Minimizing the effect of estate and income taxes is often crucial to funding legacy goals.

Together, we set quantifiable goals so we can measure how your financial plan is performing and adjust our strategy as necessary. We continually monitor your life circumstances and make necessary changes to your portfolio in a timely manner. Our platform aligns our interests with yours. We strive to help you grow your portfolio and only make changes in an effort to improve investment performance, not generate a commission.

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