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Niki Canotas

Niki Canotas

LPL Financial Advisor

In her 20 years in Financial Services, Niki Canotas has consulted regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic strategies to world-impacting problems that hit home personally, such as Long Term Care, Investments, Retirement, College Funding, Life Insurance, Real Estate and Cash Management.

She regularly speaks in the Bay Area on finance and feels that education is important. Developing your own personal financial philosophy and the matching Asset Allocation to back it up is imperative to her.

Asset Allocation from a personal perspective is a key factor for Niki in her approach to advising. For example, excluding a specific type of corporation, or being heavy in a specific sector and needing more Cash Management because you personally have an expertise in it, should be accounted for in your assets and planning. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Prior to her current position, she created and led Mobius, a marketing and coaching company where she did Television and Radio production and Business Development. She has been in front of the camera as well, as an announcer for Greek TV on Channel 26 and as a hair model on Channel 7 shows.

With a Financial Services office in Silicon Valley for 20 years, Niki now lives in Campbell and enjoys being a local, going to the Farmer’s Market, raising bees, doing Hot Yoga and learning to ride her Harley. She has been a member of the Campbell Chamber of Commerce for almost 10 years and the Bay Area Greek American Business Association for almost 30 years. Niki is also active in the non-profit and community fields.

Her education is wide and varied, having attended Arizona State University, San Francisco State University, Collins College and Otis Parsons School of Fine Arts just to describe a few. She is continually taking classes across the country to understand The Markets and Society.