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Lyndsay Ising

Lyndsay Ising

LPL Registered Administrative Assistant

My name is Lyndsay Ising, and I'm an LPL Registered Sales Assistant with 5 years of experience working for Carlos Curiel. Recently Carlos joined the Sequoia Wealth Advisors team to provide a better platform for his clients, and I am excited to move with him and continue my role in supporting his clients' needs. 

I was born and raised in Southeast Idaho, in the city of Idaho Falls, and moved to the Bay Area in 2011. Initially I worked for a large retail company as a department manager and started working for Carlos shortly after my Grandmother passed away toward the end of 2013. I chose the financial services industry because I needed guidance to close her estate, and I love working with people. I am happy to say that throughout the years of working with Carlos, I have talked to most of his clients, and developed my own personal relationship with many of them! It has been a pleasure assisting them and seeing things through to the end.

My husband and I enjoy traveling, visiting family, gardening, car races and shows, andmost recently hiking and backpacking. We love a good adventure!

If you are interested in working with Carlos and myself, please get in touch at 408-645-2500 or We would love to talk with you and help you the best we can!