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Katie Lindfelt

Katie Lindfelt


As a Sequoia Wealth Advisor CFP®, Katie Lindfelt helps architect the future of her clients by developing customized financial plans that aim to help grow, protect, and conserve her clients’ wealth.

Katie believes comprehensive financial planning is prerequisite for anyone considering investing. “Like the foundation of a house, financial planning is the basis from which you design the portfolio,” she says. “Solid financial planning provides purpose to the portfolio and prepares for a downturn.”

In addition to comprehensive financial planning, Katie specializes in cash management and budgeting, customized retirement planning and investment management, insurance strategies designed with a goal to help protect against risk, estate plans, and college financial planning.

Katie graduated from Scripps College with a double major in Economics and Studio Art from Scripps College in 2004. She entered the industry in 2007and received her CFP® license in 2012. 

“I do this to help people achieve personal financial freedom to reach their own unique goals, whatever they might be,” she says. “Every financial plan is unique to the person for whom it’s designed.”

Katie lives in the South Bay with her husband and two young boys. She is actively involved with her church and continues to create textile arts in her spare time.