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When a Chicken Comes Into Your Life…

When a Chicken Comes Into Your Life…

December 15, 2023

My husband and I have thought about getting chickens for some time. However, it has not been practical as we live in two different locations and, as many of you know we also have horses and pet rats we care for.

Well, last weekend a chicken came into our life. One Saturday evening I saw a chicken in front of our home in Nevada. Which is not a safe place for a chicken especially given all of the wildlife out there and the fact the temperature was in the 30s. I went looking for my husband who was out by the barn and my neighbor happened to be there as well. The 3 of us went back to try to catch it, which was no easy task, but we did it! She had some injuries that had healed and was exhausted but overall seemed OK.

I have no close neighbors, so I posted on NextDoor to see if anyone was missing a chicken. In the meantime, we set up a home for it in our tack room with food, water and a nesting box with hay so she would be safe until we heard from someone or decided on what to do next.

No one claimed her. We checked on her the next morning and she seemed quite happy- she even left us a little gift 😊

So now we have a chicken and will need to get one or two more since they get lonely if left alone. The great news is that our neighbor’s wife has always wanted chickens but did not have a way to set up the structure for them that would be predator -proof. So, we came up with a perfect arrangement. If they check on them when we are gone- making sure they have enough food and water, then we would “share” the chickens and they could keep all the eggs when we are gone. When we return to Nevada my husband will build the structure to keep them warm/cool and safe.

In the season of gratitude, we are so grateful to have saved a life, brought joy to our neighbors, and will enjoy fresh eggs!