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Financial Consciousness 101: Uncertainty Leads to Stress

August 03, 2020

By Kristina Kuprina, Founder & CEO, Sequoia Wealth Advisors

If any single word defines 2020, it’s uncertainty. While there’s no predicting what the world may look like in five years, you can still determine what you need to be happy versus what you simply desire.

It’s a tricky, yet vital differentiation that requires utter self-honesty. Remember, if thinking about money makes you unhappy, your financial decision-making may not be aligned with your core values.

Why is it so hard to start a financial plan for some people? They silo financial decisions from the rest of their life. When removed from a context, financial planning can seem confusing and even dispiriting. If we attach that financial plan to a larger goal, however, your money becomes a means to a very certain end.

At Sequoia, we remove the emotion from money and treat it like just another tool. While we can’t control global uncertainty, we can still make good decisions based on achieving your life’s purpose.

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