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Sequoia Wealth Advisors

Sequoia Wealth Advisors

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More Than Just Investment Advice — We Help Provide Clarity and Confidence in Your Future

At Sequoia Wealth Advisors, we feel that our clients’ financial goals are of paramount importance. We take a personal interest in helping you choose the right strategies for your specific needs. From our financial planning menu, you choose the level of engagement that will help you to address your goals.

Our extensive menu of services is designed to give you the ability to choose the services you want when you want them, and provide you with clarity and confidence in your financial future.

Unlike many firms, Sequoia Wealth Advisors does not have sales quotas or proprietary financial products for sale. We are independent and, as such, are able to offer you objective investment advice and recommendations, as well as financial planning.

Our philosophy of “Clarity, Confidence and Compassion” permeates everything we do. We are committed to helping you reach your highest level of well-being, both personally and financially. In addition to helping people in all walks and stages of life, we also work with businesses and non-profits. So, no matter where you are on your life journey, we can help you to design a personally relevant, customized and comprehensive financial plan that is right for your situation.